React Native Development Trends: Why You Should Consider Developing with React Native

By April CheongPublished at 26 Apr, 2023

React Native has become a popular framework for building cross-platform mobile applications. It allows developers to use a single codebase to develop applications for both iOS and Android devices, which can significantly reduce development time and cost. In this article, we'll explore the latest react native development trends and discuss why developers should consider using react native for their next project.

React Native Continues to Gain Popularity

React Native has been steadily gaining popularity since its release in 2015. According to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2021, React Native is the second most loved framework after Flutter. The State of JavaScript 2020 survey shows that React Native is the most popular cross-platform mobile development framework, with over 70% of developers using it. The growth in popularity can be attributed to its ability to build high-performance, responsive, and feature-rich applications.

React Native Offers Fast Development

React Native is known for its fast development capabilities. With a single codebase, developers can build applications for multiple platforms, reducing development time and cost. React Native also comes with pre-built components and third-party libraries that allow developers to create responsive and interactive user interfaces quickly. With hot reloading, developers can see changes in real-time, speeding up the development process.

React Native Enables Native Performance

React Native's architecture allows it to provide native-like performance. It uses a bridge to communicate between JavaScript and native modules, enabling developers to access native features such as the camera, geolocation, and sensors. React Native also allows for the use of native UI components, enabling developers to build applications that look and feel like native applications.

React Native is Backed by a Strong Community

React Native is an open-source project, backed by a strong community of developers, contributors, and companies. Facebook, which initially developed React Native, continues to provide significant contributions to the framework. The community has also created a vast ecosystem of third-party libraries, tools, and plugins, making it easier for developers to build complex applications quickly.

React Native is Ideal for MVP Development

React Native is an excellent choice for building Minimum Viable Products (MVPs). MVPs are often used to validate ideas and test the market, and speed is essential in this phase. React Native's fast development capabilities and the ability to build cross-platform applications make it an ideal framework for building MVPs quickly and efficiently.

React Native is Cost-Effective

Developing applications for both iOS and Android can be expensive. However, using React Native can significantly reduce development costs. With a single codebase, developers can build applications for both platforms, reducing the development time and cost. The pre-built components and third-party libraries can also reduce the development time, making it an excellent choice for companies with limited resources.

React Native is Ideal for Legacy Systems

Legacy systems can be challenging to maintain and upgrade. However, with React Native, developers can easily integrate new features and functionality into existing systems. React Native can be used alongside existing technologies, enabling developers to build applications that integrate seamlessly with existing systems.


React Native is a powerful framework for building cross-platform mobile applications. Its fast development capabilities, native performance, and cost-effectiveness make it an ideal choice for developers. With a growing community, a vast ecosystem of third-party libraries, and the ability to integrate with existing systems, React Native will likely continue to gain popularity in the coming years. If you're looking to build cross-platform mobile applications, React Native is definitely worth considering.

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