ApiGate - Boost Mini App for Astro NJOI Subscribers


We collaborated with Astro and Boost to create a easy-to-use mini app to purchase NJOI packages without hassle.

Services provided

UI/UX Design

Frontend Development

Backend Development

Technical Consultation



Project Brief

Apigate Storefront Mini App is an external web and mobile platform that dynamically works on the Boost main mobile application.

Storefront Min App is a versatil web and mobile application to integrate and work with different kind of service providers:

  • Astro - Satellite Television and Radio Operator
  • Mubi - Global curated film streaming service
  • Razer Gold - Unified virtual credit for gamers worldwide
  • SmartNas - Cambodian Gaming service provider


Initially, the client requested to provide a solution using their current software architecture standard (Java) within a very short timeline. The client provided us their workflow diagram for our understanding on the requirements.

Our tech team involves in system integration with various architectures including RESTFUL architecture, SOAT architecture, AWS to GCP integration .

Our project manager provides technical handover to the engineering team, operation team, IT team upon project completion.

We also assisted in cloud architecture implementation to owner’s engineering team on the deployment to internally secured cloud service via company’s VPN.


We agreed to take the challenge and work on the project where the current software architecture (Java) is not what we actively work on in our daily basis.

We provided wire frame and mockups to direct the client to a better solution. As understanding the flow chart they provided earlier was a little redundant and unclear, our project manager helped to plan out new workflow and timeline with our development team.

With the aid of UML diagrams and flowchart, we supported the engineering team on understanding the integration process and overview of the product architecture.

With the aid of database diagram and predefined database queries, we assisted the operation team on the support of database management/ .


To finalize the project, we successfully launched 4 mini apps in Boost within 6 months.


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