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Project Brief

LADAP Plus, developed by our team in collaboration with our client, PEMIMPIN GSL, aims to create a mobile application that provides a seamless experience in accessing bite-sized and practical continuous professional development (CPD) content for educators and aspiring teachers in Malaysia.

LADAP Plus also addresses a need for a platform that enables teachers to share their best classroom practices nationwide - thus enabling teacher professional development to be done in both self-paced and collaborative means.

As the app aspires to serve a large teaching population of at least 400,000 teachers of varied age groups, geographical demographics, and Internet accessibility in Malaysia, the app was developed with an intuitive user interface and design in the forefront coupled with an offline access feature that enables effective usage in low connectivity locations.


Offline Capability Requirement: For LADAP Plus to serve its purpose effectively, establishing offline capability is a key requirement. The challenge lies in allowing users to access the app’s resources even without Internet connectivity - which is especially crucial for teachers who teach in remote or low-connectivity areas.

High Quality Design and User Experience: Another challenge was delivering top-class design and a smooth user flow for teachers to navigate the app and utilise its features intuitively. Achieving this required a focus on user interaction design to enhance the app’s usability and engagement.

Optimizing Large Video Files: LadapPlus encountered the challenge of optimizing video files uploaded by users that were too large for efficient streaming and storage. Additionally, managing video content posed scalability and cost concerns for the platform.


Implemented Solutions

Offline Access Integration: As the developers behind LadapPlus, we implemented robust offline access features. This involved developing functionalities that allowed teachers to download specific resources or modules for offline use, ensuring uninterrupted access to critical CPD materials even in areas with limited internet connectivity.

User-Centric Design Approach: We prioritized user experience design, adopting a user-centric approach to ensure that the app's design and user flow met the needs and preferences of teachers. Extensive usability testing and feedback collection were conducted to refine the app's design and optimize user interaction.

Video Optimization with AWS Lambda and CloudFront: To address the challenge of optimizing large video files, LadapPlus leveraged AWS Lambda for video transcoding and compression, reducing file sizes while maintaining quality. Additionally, the platform integrated Amazon CloudFront for efficient video streaming, ensuring seamless playback and minimizing latency for users accessing video content.


Results and Statistics

Since its launch two months ago, LadapPlus has garnered over 8,000 downloads across both the App Store and Google Play Store, indicating strong initial traction and interest among government teachers.

Additionally, the app currently ranks as a top 3 education app in the App Store and a top 5 education app in the Google Play Store, further highlighting its popularity and positive reception within the education community.

Furthermore, LadapPlus boasts a daily active user base of 300 teachers, underscoring its engagement and utility within the target audience.



By overcoming the challenges pertaining to offline access and seamless user experience, our team successfully enhanced LADAP Plus’ usability and accessibility for educators in Malaysia.

Through our collaboration with our client, PEMIMPIN GSL, we have introduced novel ways for teacher professional development through LADAP Plus in Malaysia - as it stands as the first mobile application in the country that provides teacher professional development content.

As developers, we remain committed to delivering innovative solutions that empower educators and improve the overall learning experience.

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