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Project Brief

ASP Xperience is a leading health care provider in Malaysia. ASP Medical Group has grown steadily over the years and has established itself as a renown, leading Third Party Administrator (TPA) and Managed Care Organization (MCO) serving well known Multinational Companies.

Dr Tan, our client, initially wants to form an in-house tech team to build in-house products related to the medical industry.

Knowing the huge capital required to form a tech team that consists of a project manager, developers and designer, our client decides to consult us instead, that’s where our journey with ASP Medical starts.



ASP knew what they wanted in their mobile app development. Their intention is to contribute back to their loyal customers, and to motivate customers to stay healthy and get a reward.

We suggested ASP to go for React Native, as we believe its efficiency and low-cost suit our client the most.

Our CTO and project manager worked closely with ASP Group IT team to communicate on how the authentication integration can be synchronized to the user database of their legacy system. We want to provide a system architecture that facilitates the new system as well as the existing one.

Our project manager have weekly meetings with ASP Group to make sure the development are in line with the initial requirements.

We launched the app in 4 months, 1 month early from the proposal.

Key Features

Encourage users to join health challenge and event to improve their health condition.

Help multiple corporations and companies to retain and reward their employees by rewards points.

Voucher redemption feature.

Workout Tracker - Step count, distance travel, calories burnt.

Full integration to Google Health and Apple Health.


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