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Techies is an expert mobile app developer based in Malaysia.

If you are looking for professional app builder team to develop native mobile apps that can help distinguish your brand, we are more than happy to assist you. Our team offers Malaysian’s best custom mobile app development services for businesses and start-ups. We specialize in creating high-quality, customized mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms. Our professional app builder team is dedicated to developing native mobile apps that not only enhance your brand's visibility but also provide an exceptional user experience.

Our professional app builder team is dedicated to developing native mobile apps that not only enhance your brand's visibility but also provide an exceptional user experience.

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies like React Native, we ensure seamless cross-platform mobile app development without compromising on functionality or quality. With a proven track record since 2017, we are committed to transforming your ideas into impactful mobile solutions.

A proven track record since 2017
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Golden Bull Award 2022

Malaysia’s Growing Tech Market

Malaysia has become one of the most lucrative markets for mobile apps in Southeast Asia, ranking 10th in the world for internet use in 2023. Because of this, demand for mobile applications (especially amongst Gen Z) has soared and will continue to drive innovations and improvements in Malaysian smart technology.

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Our expertise


Ticket Booking System

Create intuitive and user-friendly ticket booking systems that can streamline the process of booking tickets for various events or services, enhancing the user experience and increasing efficiency.


Software as a Service (SaaS)

Build robust SaaS applications that allow businesses to offer software solutions over the internet on a subscription basis, reducing the need for users to install and run applications on their own computers or in their own data centers.


Order Fulfillment System

Design order fulfillment systems to manage and coordinate the process of taking, processing, and delivering orders to customers, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation that can improve customer satisfaction.



Innovative healthcare applications to enhance patient care and management, offering features like appointment scheduling, telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, and health tracking. Our medical apps are designed to ensure compliance with healthcare regulations and improve operational efficiency.



Engaging educational apps to facilitate learning and virtual teaching, including interactive lessons, online study material, progress tracking, and collaboration tools. Designed to enhance the learning experience and support various educational methodologies.

Mobile app development with React Native

At Techies, we’re big fans of JavaScript-based frameworks, one being React Native while using it for majority of our mobile app projects. It allows us a build cross-platform mobile apps without compromising functionality or quality. No worries, your final app UI will be 100% native!



Developing native apps for 2 platforms will take time and will cost a lot of money! React native helps to launch a mobile app for your business 2x quicker.


1 Codebase, 2 Platforms

With a single codebase that can be deployed to iOS & Android, anyone with javascript knowledge can easily take over development and the outcome will reflect on 2 platforms.


Cost efficient

Think about the implications for your project. No need for two development teams for two platforms. You simply launch your product faster and can get more out of your budget.


Ease of maintenance

React Native makes deploying and debugging much more efficient, this agile approach allow businesses especially startups to release timely app updates more frequently.


Native capabilities

React Native produces real, native UI elements, leveraging the rendering of native views and functionality of the platform you’re working with.


Community backup

Adored by both Facebook and the vast community with over 50,000 active contributors, React Native will be growing at a pace that closes gap with native apps in the near future.

About Us

Experienced and cost-effective mobile app development team

Since 2017, we’ve built native mobile applications for Apple iOS (including iPad and iPhone) and Android (Android Phone and Android Tablet), as well as cross platform apps for businesses in Malaysia, Singapore & Dubai. Our experienced developers will ensure to deliver extraordinary apps with outstanding user interface and intuitive user experiences(UX) to boost your conversion rates and profit.


Why Our Clients Choose Us for Mobile App Development

As a Malaysian trusted mobile app development agency, we work closely with our clients to help explore, refine and execute their ideas. Read some of the reviews from our clients.

FAQ About Our Mobile App Development Services

Our mobile app development projects


ASP Xperience

A healtcare, fitness and rewards mobile app tailored for customers to enjoy rewards at the same time live a healthy lifestyle



An education mobile app designed to elevate professionalism and professional development for teachers and school leaders.


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