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Project Brief

Our client is an award winning SME focusing on call center, resource and IT management. Our client has been in the customer relationship industry for many years, with their collective experience. Their plan is to build a holistic and affordable CRM that suits local business.

Why? Hubspot and other CRM are too expensive and not all features are suitable to local Malaysian businesses.

We are tasked to develop a comprehensive CRM to cater to Malaysia’s business.


The hustle and bustle

Project was completed in 12 months and launched in 9 months.

One of the biggest challenges that we faced during the development is the process of to understand how clients handle all his sales deals, tasks and client support tickets. After we have understood our client operation, our developers are able to build a product that suits client’s business needs and requirements.

Having weekly meet-ups with the client to ensure all scopes are aligned with what initially agreed. We also sort out uncertainties and obstacles during the development phase to improve the system along the way.

Our team are flexible in the development timeline to cope with their marketing plan.

The development Team helps to build a multi-tenancy system, which is the biggest challenge in database nowadays. The tech team ensures to fulfil the client's requirement on providing maximum security for the company's data.

This is not a common case in software development. To make this happen,our technical team has to put extra effort in advance management of the database.


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