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Most business startups are raising similar discussion in regards of the best practice to build web and mobile app. In Techies, we helped a lot of our clients to address this issue. As our team are known as top software development company, we gets lot of inquiry to develop both applications. For those of you who are considering for your company, this article will help you to decide wisely. What are the best way to utilize both apps for instant profit? In our previous article, we have discussed in details about both mobile and website application development. In reality, do you need both?

Well, we have learned the advantages and disadvantages of each technology which was discussed in previous article. To get optimal results, the combination of both of them is the right decision. Now, look at Grab, Shopee and other IT startup companies that are quite successful in Malaysia. In majority, they develop web apps before they introduce mobile apps to users. Both are still needed as mobile phones provide the convenience of light weight device for interaction between customers and riders. By combining these two factors, you can get several benefits.

1. Web & Mobile App Data Integration

Web app has a role to increase user acquisition by using its application. And mobile app plays a role in increasing user engagement in its application. So, from these two technology's goals, we can design proper user flow when they are engaging with our applications. Sometimes startup business has the tendency to force user to download their mobile app without explaining the benefit. That's a bad decision. Even though the application can only be used on mobile, it would be wise to create a website that explains in a unique approach and clear way why users should download the mobile app at the first place.

When a web app performs user acquisition, the web app will capture information related to user preferences while surfing the application. Then, during the time users feel they need to use the mobile app, all information related to users, such as purchase history, can be read analyzed in the mobile app back-end. Thus, users do not need to take long time to adjust to using the mobile app. Users only need to continue what they have done in the web app. All will be recorded in the mobile app. These are the best practice to build web and mobile app.

2. Getting to Know Consumers Via Your Web & Mobile App

Nowadays the user's cell phone is like the DNA of the user himself. If you force users to download your mobile app in the hope of being able to get their personal data, then you might need to think twice. User's trust is everything nowadays. Especially, as these days the awareness of data security & data privacy is getting higher. Users can easily delete mobile apps that has disturbed their privacy. And you would not want this to happen. In contrast, with the usage of web app, you can gradually gain users' trust. If users believe that the data they send to you is safe, then they will voluntarily download the mobile app. With the trust that users has given to the platform you had, you should be wiser in retrieving data on the user's mobile phone.

We need to be wise by providing inform to the user clearly about what kind of data will be recorded. Never take any data that was not mentioned in the terms and conditions without user's consent. When users use your mobile app, the platform should only record data related to the nature of the app. For example, favorite items, frequently purchased item categories, purchase times, profile information, transaction history, etc. Avoid access to voice recordings, private messages and personal information of the mobile phone owners which are not necessary. We have to remember that mobile apps are intended to increase user engagement with the app, not to record users' personal data.

3. One-Stop Services

During the time Whatsapp messaging service does not have a web app yet, it allows users to access the service via desktop app. However, some users made complaint. That's because a lot of people are tend to be more active on their PC or laptop during working hours. In fact, many users use Whatsapp as a platform to communicate with clients and customers. And finally, Whatsapp finally decided to build web app for its users. Providing one-stop services, which makes it easier for users to use service via mobile or desktop, will be a strength and an added value for the platform.

So, Web App or Mobile App?

Not many people understand that during application development process, there are three options that can be optimized. Starting from the web app, mobile app, and both of them. However, out of the three choices, which one is actually the best? Why does it seems that everyone is competing to launch their mobile apps?

First, you need to know that the purpose of creating a web app or mobile app is entirely different. The web app focuses on optimizing in-app user acquisition. Meanwhile, the mobile app is utilized to increase user engagement in the application. Just imagine, a new application that doesn't have many users yet, made it compulsory for its user to download their mobile app. What are the consequences? The user will ignore the mobile app on the phone, or even worse, they will delete the mobile app.

So, if you already know this as a fact, it's better to focus your business on acquiring new users with a web app. Relax, web app doesn't mean that users can only access your website via desktop. With significant technological developments, such as progressive web app (PWA) method, web app technology has become as unique as a mobile app. By focusing on in-app user acquisition, you can create your user's data analytics. With this in your hand, it is much clearer to understand what your users' preferences are. This data can be used later on during mobile apps development. If you don't have any data yet but insist on creating a mobile app, then it might not turn out as good as you expect. We hope these best practice to build web and mobile app are helpful for you.

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