Our Process

We get it, reliable “Techies” are hard to find.

In our journey since 2017, we knew how our clients have struggled to find the right team to realize their ideas, and we definitely know how painful it is.

Thus, we want to bring our passion and technical expertise to partner on your journey, turning your ideas into reality.

software development process

Capture Requirements & Brainstorming

  1. Let's catch up over coffee and discuss about your idea.

  2. We'll capture and verify your needs and puzzle the pieces.

  3. A brainstorming session will held to make sure things are in the right place before we move on.

software development process

Design Wireframe & Mock-Ups

  1. Every line and dot defines the look and feel of your app.

  2. Our UI/UX experts got you covered, creating wireframe and mock-ups according to your requirements for you to visualize user flow and redefine according to business needs.

software development process

Web & App Development

  1. Sprints will be created to launch a MVP as soon as possible.

  2. Our engineering team uses the Agile Methodology, where you'll constantly see the result while we do the dirty work.

software development process

Deployment, Maintenance & Optimization

  1. No worries when it's time to go live, we'll make sure deployment is silky smooth for the world to see.

  2. Nonetheless, our Techies are always geared up to support your product whenever it needs, 99% system up time is our goal.

  3. We want to make sure your product is taken care of even when it's live, our main goal? KILL THOSE ANNOYING BUGS!

  4. Don't forget optimization! A beautiful product isn't sexy enough without continual scaling to keep up with consumer demands.

Technologies We Use

React.js is one of the most popular JavaScript libarry to create world class user interface for web app.

React.js & React Native

Node.js is an open-source runtime environment for building fast and scallable system with real-time capability


Vue.js is one of the most popular JavaScript library to progressively building user inteface


Firebase is built on Google infrastructure and scales automatically, for even the largest apps.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is market leader of the world in providing reliable, scallable and inexpensive cloud computing services.

Amazon Web Service (AWS)

MongoDB is a free and open-source cross-platform document-oriented database program

Mongo DB

Google Clould Platform (GCP)


Tensor Flow