GoKudos is an online smart office system that saves time, reduce costs & grow revenue with smart automation for accounting firm.


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UI/UX Design

Frontend Development

Backend Development

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SaaS, Finance, Internal Tools


Project Brief

Gokudos is a web application that focuses its development on automation management software for major business owners and managers.

Usage of collaborative tool on:

  • Document management system
  • Task management system
  • Customer directory
  • Debt management and collection


Duration of development phase is rather short (within 2 months). Therefore, we need to maximise our resources to ensure the project is delivered on time.

Initial requirements provided by the client was unclear, however we helped to make it more accurate and comprehensive.

Requirement change is happens several times during this project as the client is calibrating better product to be sold to the market

Integration to the AI feature on debt collection module:

  • Automated robot phone call scripts
  • Automated SMS / WhatsApp

How we took up the challenge to launch a full fledge system in 2.5 months

Our project manager and development team planned out and executed the timeline for each development sprint and deliverables.

Our project manager has huge amount of meeting to iron out the requirements and input his solutions to advise the client to understand the outcome of the solution with the aid of UML, flowchart and Figma UI/UX designs.

Upon the completion of the project, our project manager prepared the session for user acceptance testing (UAT). The client took their time to fully test the system from the end-user perspective and with the support of our technical team.

The project team has to understand and utilize updated technology and make a precise choice of system architecture which was rare in the current market.

The project manager was working very closely and have a weekly meeting with client to update the development progress in order to get the product out to the market

The project manager has to involve in the external meeting with the client on the system integration with 3rd party service partner to fully understand the process and provide a technical feasibility study.


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